12 November 2020

Data Governance and Data Trust

Webinar presented on December 3, 2020, from 12 to 1 pm

This webinar by Open North and TIESS will share results from research in the emerging field of data governance. Speakers will dive into models and dimensions that embody the public interest, while allowing for collective appropriation and multi-stakeholder collaboration.  

Sarah Gagnon-Turcotte, Director of the Applied Research Lab at Open North, will discuss the role of data governance in the current socio-technical landscape. Based on Open North’s most recent research on open smart cities and data partnerships, she will show how responsible, effective and accountable data governance is key to alleviate citizens’ concerns related to data privacy and unlock the potential of data collaboration.

Jessica Leblanc, Project Manager at TIESS, will discuss the idea of a data trust and its potential to steward data according to the interests of a group of actors or in the general interest. A data trust is generally understood as a legal structure that provides independent stewardship of data and aims to promote data sharing for social or business purposes. She will then explore the potential of Quebec’s trust law (fiducie) to encompass the core idea of data trust. 


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To learn more about TIESS’s work on this topic, follow this link (in French).