7 February 2024

Scaling Support Kit

This kit contains a wide range of resources to help project carriers become more aware of scaling strategies, and to support them step by step in the process of diversification, replication, franchise creation, cooperation or other.

You can download the entire kit, or individual components, as you wish!

Download the complete kit (zip format)

Kit contents

Your kit is organized into three types of tools:


Summary documents to share with enterprises and boards of directors


Tools to facilitate your workshops and training courses


A series of tools to support enterprises step by step

These tools were designed by Territoires innovants en économie sociale et solidaire (TIESS), a social innovation liaison and transfer organization in the field of social economy and territorial development. They are a result of a process of co-development between researchers and support professionals.

All these tools are copyright free. You can use them as you wish and improve or modify them, but the mention of TIESS and the web link of the original kit are mandatory. Thank you in advance!

The Support Kit was produced as part of TIESS’s work on scaling.

TIESS would like to sincerely thank the following contributors:

Marie-France Bellemare, Mariane Kaliaguine, Solen Martin-Déry and Martine Brouillette (authors), as well as François Allaire (Le Consortium), Colin Bérubé (Filaction), Jessy Cazzaro (CDEC de Sherbrooke), Olivier Doyle (Pôle d’économie sociale Vallée-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent), Stéphane Dupupet (PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest), Jérôme Gagné (CQCM), Charles Gagnon (Chantier de l’économie sociale), Julie Hamel (District 3), Maude Léonard (ESG UQAM), Denis Missud (Fondation Béati), Evan Murray (CDRQ), Francis Nadeau (CDEC de Québec), Bernard N’Dour (MCE Conseils), Frédéric Plante (Laboratoire Conseil) and Chantal Tardif (Pôle d’économie sociale du Centre-du-Québec).

This kit was made possible with the financial contribution of our partners.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Investment Readiness Program.